Sunday, September 04, 2005

Well....prior to Hurricane Katrina I had no knowledge of May Ray as he's called in his city. That is Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans to the rest of us. I'd heard that there was a lot of animosity towards him in the Superdome and the Convention Center and the other evac sites around the city. I surely hope this isn't the case when the people of New Orleans get out from under the news blackout and find out just what's been said and done to them. Personally, I'll take him over Kwame Kilpatrick as Mayor of Detroit after reading this. I don't think Dennis Hastert needs to renew his lease on his Washington D.C. place if he's up for re-election after his comments about re-locating New Orleans. The Shrub in Chief needs to be impeached in the worst way for if, as he holds people to high standards, he doesn't measure up to the same ones? Then he poses for photo oportunities, occupying people who could be searching, while real people are dying nearby. The final topping on this cake of incompetence is found here. And that's really damning because the North Sea Project has held up and there wasd no reason to beleive that this wouldn't've either. And, as you can find here and here, others are noticing around the world and stepping up. If the Der Speigel article is true, then our government withheld aid and succor from those poor souls in the Superdome and the Convention Center and the other evac sites around the city. It does seem odd to me that the Shrub, the relief supplies, and the National Guard all seemed to arrive at the same time. Coincidence?


At 12:55 PM, Blogger khloemi said...

I was amazed to find reports that 27% of the people didn't have cars in New Orleans. I've seen reports on CNN from victims that because it was the end of the month, they didn't have money to go.
I think its time for an accounting from ALL the politicians. Nagin seemed to be the one lone voice crying out for the people. I hope is one lone voice made a difference.

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